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    You need to get a link to your personal playlist.
    If you are a client of Torrent-TV.ru then go there log in and a link in personal cabinet. Set all options for playlist how it is shown on the picture:

   	TS Proxy Settings

    Now you are ready to set up proxy.

    Unpack the downloaded archive to the separated directory
    Open default.json with any text editor
    Put your link to playlist in playlists section as uri property
    Next, you need to find out an IP address of your computer where you want to run the proxy.
    Put its address in SERVER->address property
    If you would like to change a default http port - put desired value to SERVER->port property

    !!! Important
    If you change settings in personal cabinet and want to apply it to your proxy playlist
    you need after changes to copy a link in a personal cabinet to json file again.
    After saving json you need to open /status web page and click "reload playlist"

    Generally, that's it.

    The most important setting is downloadSlotsAvailable. It is a number of simultaneous downloads of HLS chunks.
    If you see that a download speed is slow than a bitrate of a stream you would like to increase the value from 1 to 2 or 3.
    I don't recommend to increase it more than 3.

    Start it and you should see a version of server. Wait until playlist loads.
    Now you can get your playlist from proxy.
    Just appoint your browser to SERVER->address:SERVER->port that you defined in local.json and you will see a playlist.
    You can directly put a playlist link in client apps like lazyIPTV, perfectPlayer or VLC.

    For example, you suppose to run HLS proxy on computer with IP address on port 8080
    Config for server should be as:

    "SERVER": {
		"protocol": "http",
		"address": "",
		"port": 8080

    Please, keep in mind that JSON file is a strict syntax file type. You need to keep trailing brackets and commas.

    Playlist is available at or
    You can see a status of server at

    The URL is used for two purposes:
    First, to get m3u8 playlist from media devices which also available by /m3u8
    (You can also configure it from config file as you wish. Look for "playlistPath" variable in config)
    Second, if you browse from an usual browser you will get into a rich html page.
    From this page on a computer of cellular phone you can browse channels, watch streams, control stream recording.
    VOD records are available at

Epg feature

    EPG (xml and xml.gz only) caching is supported. You can configure a source of epg in config.
    Most important feature of epg implemented - cache and merge of different weeks of epg.
    Now you can have your epg uninterrupted.
    EPG is available at
    It takes a couple of minutes at first start to download a fresh epg, so be patient.

    Server is not protected by username and password, so it is not recommended to run it on public networks.

Configure external HTTP proxy to bypass firewalls using environment variables

The following environment variables are respected by HLS Proxy

When HTTP_PROXY / http_proxy are set, they will be used to proxy non-SSL requests that do not have an explicit proxy configuration option present. Similarly, HTTPS_PROXY / https_proxy will be respected for SSL requests that do not have an explicit proxy configuration option. It is valid to define a proxy in one of the environment variables, but then override it for a specific request, using the proxy configuration option. Furthermore, the proxy configuration option can be explicitly set to false / null to opt out of proxying altogether for that request.

HLS Proxy is also aware of the NO_PROXY/no_proxy environment variables. These variables provide a granular way to opt out of proxying, on a per-host basis. It should contain a comma separated list of hosts to opt out of proxying. It is also possible to opt of proxying when a particular destination port is used. Finally, the variable may be set to * to opt out of the implicit proxy configuration of the other environment variables.

Here's some examples of valid no_proxy values:


    Поддерживается EPG ТВ-программа в формате xml и xml.gz
    Настройки телепрограммы в файле конфигурации.
    Самое главное достоинство - объединение двух недель телепрограммы в один список.
    Теперь ваша ТВ-программа не будет иметь пропусков.
    Адрес страницы -
    Обратите внимание, что ТВ-программа не доступна несколько минут при самом первом запуске сервера,
    так как сначала она загружается из интернета.

    Обратите внимание, что сервер не защищен паролем, так как предназначен для домашнего использования. Поэтому,
    не рекомендуется его держать в открытых сетях.
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